Child warns anti-vaccination parents not to believe everything they read online

A 12-year-old girl has made mummy and daddy very angry when she told them to be careful about making important decisions based on what they read online.

“Just last week, a teacher told us that the internet is a very good source of knowledge and information,” she said. “As long as we remember that if someone claims something, it doesn’t mean it’s true.”

“When I came home, I heard mum and dad saying they will not vaccinate me because some lady wrote something on some website. This lady is not a doctor, but she is very smart and knows everything.”

“I walked into the room and told them what my teacher said. They were angry and said that they will decide what is true and what isn’t, as long as I live under their roof.”

“I also remember they voted “leave” after reading something on a side of a bus. This is all very confusing.”


Sasa Stankovic

(via New Biscuit)

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