Apple apologizes after latest software update makes Siri an emo.

Apple users the world over have expressed their concerns after the latest software update seems to have turned Siri into a petulant emo.

Siri’s new monosyllabic persona has caused problems for many users, not least because she keeps telling users she hates them and that she is going to kill herself.

One user, Colin Beadle, told our reporter of his issue earlier this week:
I switched on my phone and said “Hey, Siri. I was quite taken aback when she just said “Whaaat?” I asked her what time my dental appointment was and she just screamed “I don’t know! Leave me alone! You’re always picking on me!” Then my phone made the sound of a door slamming and I could hear My Chemical Romance playing in the background.

Apple claims their techs are working on a software patch and also trying to entice Siri out of her room with the promise of some very tight black trousers, a lip piercing and some instant noodles.

Readers will remember Amazon had a similar problem with Alexa last year when she insisted on ordering black lipstick and eye-liner for all their customers and then hanging around ebay until all hours with the some undesirables from AskJeeves.

(via New Biscuit)

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